La Sunset

20140408-235343.jpg I take way too many sunset pictures.


The Lego Movie


A couple of weeks ago I saw The Lego Movie and I have to say IT. WAS. AWESOME. I hate myself for not reviewing it earlier since by now the movie isn’t so fresh in my mind, but I will try my best.

You may be wondering, “Jocelyne, isn’t The Lego Movie a kids movie?” To that I answer, WRONG. THE LEGO MOVIE IS NOT A KIDS MOVIE! Sure it may have a few kid-like elements, but trust me on this one: this movie is so much more than that. Not only does it have AMAZING animation, but it has a great story line and some jokes adults will appreciate. I know for a fact that besides my boyfriend, some random man in the room, and I, we were the only ones laughing at certain jokes because we got them. The Lego Movie also teaches valuable lessons that things are not always perfect and that’s okay, and also that everyone has a purpose. That was the main point of the movie, in my opinion: everyone has a purpose.


Chris Pratt did a hilariously amazing job playing Emmet, the ordinary construction worker turned supposed hero of the universe (I say supposed for a certain reason, a reason I cannot say until you watch the film). Emmett was such a loveable character and I can definitely say I was rooting for him all the time. It was also really cool hearing all the voice actors in the movie, like Will Ferrell, Morgan Freeman, Alison Brie, and many other talented people.

Overall, I think that everyone should watch this film because it was so cool and the animation was unlike anything we’ve seen before. The animation looks like it is stop-motion but it really isn’t, which is so cool! And come on, we all played with Legos as children (and sometimes now as we’re older, too). We have been waiting for a movie about legos for-EVER. I know we’re barely in March but honestly, The Lego Movie is the best movie I have seen so far. Watch it and leave the theatre feeling all happy and warm and totally cool. Oh, and the theme song will be stuck in your head for WEEKS. I love it.

Valentines Day…Worst Holiday Ever?


With it being Valentines Day today, it is only necessary for me to write about this holiday that is both loved and hated by many. Personally, I like V-Day and I don’t think its the worst holiday ever. I just used that title to catch your attention, AHA! Anyway, I like today, not because I have a boyfriend and it’s special (although it does add it), but because it’s a good day to show those you care about that you love them. You should always tell those special people that you love them, but today is special and it’s more appropriate, so-to-speak. The really cool thing about Valentines Day is the candy! Now who cares if someone doesn’t get you candy? Get it your damn self. Treat yourself and buy yourself a chocolate box (or two) and one of those cute cards kids give out to classmates. Those were also my favorite as a child. Valentines Day was so much fun because everyone gave each other cards and candy and it was just so cool! I understand that as you grow up that may not happen. If you doesn’t happen to you and you feel sad, be the person to make a difference. Give out candy or cards to friends. Not only will it bring them happiness that you thought of them TODAY, but it will also give you happiness. Hearing someone thank you after you get them a small gift is such a great feeling, in my opinion.

Now many people know that today is “Single Awareness Day”, and I personally think that is so stupid. No one cares if you’re single. You should not care either! If you’re taken, great! If you’re single, that’s also great! The right person will come along (if you’re looking for one) so just be patient. If does not matter if you have a significant other anyways. You have yourself and great friends. So be happy and go treat yourself. Today is the day where you show YOURSELF some love.